Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From Paul Revere to Ben Franklin

Summer/Fall 2012 Blogspot




It’s been 6 years since 2006 blogspot posting to commemorate Paul Revere as America’s first digital citizen (one if by land, two if by sea… etc Redcoats are coming to Lexington and Concord).  


Since then, widening people + communication networks have walked many miles, in many seasons to improve lives and communities “thru broadband” infrastructure and services. 


Calling again on history in 2012, we recall Ben Franklin who began as an apprentice printer, and then distributor of Poor Richard’s Almanack, beginning in 1732, 280 years ago.  See's_Almanack,


Among Ben Franklin’s contributions was the start of a lending library in Philadelphia.  In celebration, see Reading with Turtles and Tortoises graphic in commemoration of a library Grandparents Reading to Kids program, described in Awareness section below.


We now have an opportunity to begin and share  a calendar of 4 season postings about improving lives and communities through people + communication tools.  We know that with communities working together we can build and sustain “real and permanent” community business and anchor institution activities, each in its season.  These activities - from winter visioning events, to spring cleanup, plantings and ground-breakings, to summer fairs and community expo’s, and to fall back to school and health outreach events.- are “building blocks” to improve every community, lift every boat, in America, and partner with public-private-Watershed communities around the World.  As a side note on the impacts of people working together, see interesting article on Community  Collaboratives: 12 Profiles of Community-Wide Change


Meanwhile, below are thoughts and resources to share in A, B, C, D, E form (Awareness and Access, Building Blocks, Connectivity Centers, Documents for Decision making, and Everything Else) to use everyday, and in times of emergency.   Let the seasonal conversations begin!


A  AWARENESS AND ACCESS.  150TH anniversary of combining research, education and community extension to improve lives


Let’s remember: 2012 is the150th anniversary of Morrill Land Grant Act, signed into law July 1862 in the middle of the civil war, and creating America’s research, education and community service institutions reaching eery community college area of the nation, and providing one model for human and natural environment sustainability in many landscapes of our world..  Internet Extension in 2012 & 150th Anniversary of the Morrill Act: Connecting Residents and Businesses to Fiber and Wireless Broadband Illinois  


2012 is also the 40th Anniversary of Pell Grants and Title IX (women’s and girls’ equality in sports) in the Federal Education Amendments of 1972, highlighted again this summer in the Olympics in London.  I was present in Washington, D.C. in 1972 and a participant in the process. See my reflections on Federal financial access to higher education, 18 year old vote and national university student leadership 2971-1980 in Washington, D.C.  _______ needs posting


The year started off with a graphic-based commemoration of Grandparents Reading to Kids volunteer program at the local library in Los Angeles, where my mother was a longtime volunteer.  It underscores the value of consumer-friendly graphics in helping us work together on many important tasks.   See _______ needs posting of graphic


It was created by Charles Boyce, Chicago syndicated cartoonist and creator of The KeyPad Kid Project on Facebook to help youth, adults and seniors gain second-nature comfort with today’s digital tools.  The KeyPad Kid Project works on Bridging the Digital Divide for new users at homes, in businesses, churches and special groups


B   BUILDING BLOCKS OF CONTENT SHARING..  6 Years since 2006, Content sharing starting in 2011


Since 2011 I have written about Improving Lives of families, enterprises and communities in 7 national needs areas of FCC’s National Broadband plan.  Most recently on state and local planning for $7 billion Federally-sponsored First Net for car-to-car mobile communication among public safety responders (police, fire, emergency service) and coordinate with community response parties.  Broadband Illinois   From  June 2011  Healthcare and a Digital Card in Every Pocket Broadband Illinois

To July 2012 $7 Billion Public Safety Communication: States Get Ready for Planning Grants Broadband Illinois




2012 is a year for getting ready for  urban and rutal Civic Apps and Killer App expos and fairs in areas of 150,000 to 250,000, including models for Community Hall Dashboards of business intelligence tools for local public officials, businesses and community institutions..  For model, See 2007 Killer App Expo in Ft. Wayne, Indiana among public agency, business and community institutions in community of 250,000.  Welcome to the Killer App Expo and Conference 2007


Community dashboard services provide “overnight” data on what’s happened, as reported by patterns of 911, 311 and other calls and  filings from digital government, business and institutional  databases.   For background on value of such 24/7 data 365 days per year, see article on NYC  trend database that is shared among public agencies citywide and in local areas.  __________________________ Wired Magazine November 2010. 




Using broadband infrastructure + use partnerships, see (1) article on History of Partnership for a Connected Illinois and Internet Extension in Illinois 1996 – 2011, by Drew Clark and Layton Olson, in spring 2012 regional and intergovernmental planning journal, American Planning Association.  See link on  ________ (2) article on regional planning and broadband  See link ___________, and (3) Stay tuned for Community Hall Dashboard resources in the fall.


E   EVERYTHING ELSE. Stay tuned for Fall 2012 – Digital Government and Public Safety Updates, Health for the Winter, Getting Ready for Smart Grid + Internet Installations and Cost Reductions.   See Illinois Digital Government Summit Illinois Digital Government Summit 2012 Home Page


  1. FOR THE FUTURE.   Formulas and Function; G General indicators of quality of life, and H Heritage archives) 


See you later this fall.